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Boeing Had Too Much Sway in Vetting Own Jets, FAA Was Told

FAA employees warned as early as seven years ago that Boeing Co. had too much sway over safety approvals of new aircraft, prompting an investigation by Department of Transportation auditors who confirmed the agency hadn’t done enough to “hold Boeing accountable.” The 2012 investigation also found that discord over Boeing’s treatment had created a “negative work environment” among Federal Aviation Administration employees who approve new and modified aircraft designs, with many of them saying… ( More...

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mbrews 6
Partial quote from ref story : "In recent years, the FAA has shifted more authority over the approval of new aircraft to the manufacturer itself, even allowing Boeing to choose many of the personnel who oversee tests and vouch for safety. Just in the past few months, Congress expanded the outsourcing arrangement even further. "

BOEING CHOOSES THEIR OWN SAFETY EVALUATORS. Looks like a bunch of FAA guys back in DC with Rubber Stamps in hand, poised to bless whatever Boeing does, on Boeing's fast schedule. INCREDIBNLE conflicts of interest. Under this scheme, FAA folks are little more than Federal paid cheerleaders.
bbabis 4
Can I please be in charge of auditing my tax returns?
ffrcobra1 2
And this is news?? After the Beech 1900 crash in Charlotte in 2003 it was determined that the pitch trim had been rigged incorrectly during maintenance. It was also dertermined that the 1900 maintenance manual was incomplete, confusing and basically inadequate in its description of the rigging procedure. The FAA, on cue, expressed astonishment of this fact. This was the “FAA approved” maintenance manual, yet they were shocked that it was so poorly written. Anyone who has used any Beech manual has seen the exact same thing. “FAA approved” means the manufacturer put together something, hands it to their FAA rep, who promptly deems it great and give it the FAA seal of approval. It could be the instructions for assembling a bookcase from Ikea, but as long as the company says it’s the info needed to maintain the aircraft, the FAA is happy. Until people die, then the FAA gets grumpy because they look incompetent. The fact that the certification process works the same way is no surprise.

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matt jensen 1
USDOT used to control the CDL drivers, now it's the states. But it's worse now than before - bribery runneth amok.
matt jensen 1
And, the big 3 automakers - how much junk is driving around waiting to have an accident or recall.
Corporate America is getting the government they are paying for. They refuse to pay taxes, but make contributions (bribes) to get their way.

The Supreme Court ruled that money is 'speech'. And it talks louder in the halls of Congress than anywhere else.
Shenghao Han 0
What does FAA stands for?

Shenghao Han 1
I mean functionally/sarcastically, not literally
The better question is 'What does government stand for'. Is it a government for and by the people, or for and by corporate America? We have lost control of the government. It works for money, and those that have it.
matt jensen 0
You lost control after the Revolutionary War and have been in debt ever since.

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Shenghao Han 3
Get used to it, otherwise a lot of people will "go hungry" if big oils and NRA didn't pay/endorse them.
ffrcobra1 4
Very enlightening. Thanks.
And I'd say, if you looked harder, you would find many corporations that have 'captured' government. Look at the meat packing businesses. Look at the oil and gas industries. Look at the airlines. All huge corporations, all wagging government like a tail.

Follow the money...

I remember reading an article that claimed that corporations weren't the bad guys in this story. They were only doing what they could get away with. If people are tired of being sold out, start fighting back by not reelecting the vermin in Congress that have been there for decades. Turn them all out. Really take back the government, get money out of it! /rant


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