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Russia's Sukhoi passenger plane makes emergency landing due to fire on board: agencies

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet plane made an emergency landing in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport on Sunday due to fire on board, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported, citing a source. ( 기타...

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latteju 7

Most victims were in the back of the plane. Eye witnesses report that evacuation of the plane was delayed due to people more in the front trying to take their hand luggage before evacuating. See people on the tarmac with their luggage on the footage above.
Can not read Russian
I noticed that-they should go to jail!
Chris B 6
Now reported that it was hit by lightning......''

Its all very strange....
Lightning was probably of NATO origin.
Looks like the last contact drove the main gear through the fuel tanks. No fire appeared before the landing unless a fire on the flight deck is what distracted the pilot to make such a poor landing.
Time to enforce 0 Baggage on Board!
I hope that whatever agency investigates plane crashes in Russia is given the freedom to do a thorough job. Lot's of questions about this one. The flight data recorders would help, but looking at what's left of that aircraft, I'm not sure if they survived.
lynx318 3
Sukhoi is one of Putin's pet projects for Russian industry, how soon til pilots are blamed and any blame on poor lightning strike protection is overlooked?
Unlikely that Putin will agree to "act of God" as a cause!
Actually Putin is deeply religious so is very likely to use that.
What religion promotes conquering the world and murdering people?
all of them
It wasn't just an emergency landing due to a fire on board, it was pretty much a crash (41 people dead).
lynx318 6
No mention in attached article or anywhere else of pre-landing fire on board, this post title and description should be changed.
Exactly. This article is poorly titled, researched and written.
I see they landed with no fire but then on the 3rd touch down, the aircraft landing gear gave way and the fire ball erupted
chalet 3
This aircraft type is an airline's nightmare qualitywise. Interjet from Mexico bought 20 of them and after a few years they became the epitomy of a hangar queen: 5 or 6 of them in maintenance permnently. Spare parts for the fuselage taking an awful lot of time to deliver; engine parts too. They are trying to get rid of them at any price for the exercise has cost them millions of dollars. The only other airline that bought this type of plane in meaningful numbers is Aeroflot. The fuselage and systemz were co-developed with Finmeccanica of Italy (they make parts for the 787 and other aircraft), and the engine was co-developed with Safran from France (co-builders of the CFM56 family).
one of the cable news stations had video from the opposite side of the runway, which showed the plane wobbling,then bouncing up,then bouncing down, and as it bounced down,the rear portion of the aircraft caught fire,and then it skidded down the runway with a total fireball from the midsection to the rear..that is the video seen from the other side of the runway..those in the rear section of the aircraft didn't have a
37 lived, 41 didn't
Thirteen dead - rip
Today's airliners cannot land safely at maximum take-off weight, hence the heavy landing, bouncing and gear collapse. Given that the pilots didn't attempt to dump surplus fuel indicates that a real time-critical emergency was already present.
I don't know about that man. Some planes can't dump fuel while airborne, but I don't know about this Russian plane. And today's and yesterday's airliners CAN land safely above max landing weight and at maximum take-off weight. You are supposed to take care in the vertical rate of descent on touchdown (no shit!) but a maintenance write up is usually required and that's about it as long as nothing was damaged. Losing radar and radios is still not a reason for bouncing like that and forcing the nose over causing the gear to be pushed thru the fuel tanks in the wings and causing the fire. If anything, being heavy on landing would help to prevent a bounce in my humble opinion.
The SSJ can not dump fuel, the only option is to burn it off. Its a smaller sized plane though and thus should be easier to land at max weight than a large airplane.
Modern airliners land overweight everyday safely. The inflight fire is the key to this tragedy.
That's the problem. I don't think there was an inflight fire. The only fire, on the video at least, is the one from the 2nd or 3rd touchdown on the final "landing" that drove the main gear thru the wings and the fuel tanks and caused that huge fire.
Forcing families to sit in different parts of the cabin is a crime of airlines against flight safety.
Separately, the child and one of the parents, especially big and strong, is a strayed evacuation and possibly dozens of lost lives.
Sometimes the family is not "forced" to sit in different parts of the cabin. I was on a flight years ago when a mother was the only adult flying with three children. Each child wanted, and was given, a window seat.


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