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Delta urges workers to pay for video games, not union dues

Delta Air Lines Inc. confirmed Thursday that it's behind a widely criticized poster suggesting that nonunion employees buy video games rather than spend their money on union dues. ( More...

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I do believe delta workers (who for years in the past were non union)would much prefer representation in wage and hours and benefits disputes,rather than a video game..i realize that non union persons dont understand the reason for unions,but ask any pilot (just as an example)and they will tell you how much sway the unions have with the various airlines..the same goes for the ramp and ground workers and flight attendants..yes,it does cost money as you must pay dues,but it also give you a voice in treatment of employees,working conditions,uniforms and the like..i tink the poster is ridiculous..
jmilleratp 4
The only reason that blue-collar workers have good wages and working conditions is because of unions. Period. And, unions are the ones who keep that going. Yes, there is dysfunction in unions, and that always should be fixed. But, anti-union people like you are only that way because you have not worked in a workforce where unions made it better.
comicpilot 1
How so? Delta employees HAVE had the opportunity to vote yes or no on Unions in the past and those votes have clearly shown where Delta employees stand. One of the most on time and highest customer service rated (consistently lately) have also shown Delta's employees are leading the leading cause of that. I grew up with a parent who was 15+ years with Delta never Unioned. Besides that Delta's benefits and stock option/payouts to the employees are some of the best if NOT the best and not just for pilots. I work (corporate aviation) with a few EX Airline Mechanics who came to us as A&Ps and got sick of the Union and the constant teetering on if hey were gonna even be working the ext day because of the labor Union.. Unions can be good but this isn't the turn of the century Industrial revolution anymore.. Workers have protection without having to pay 1/4 of their salary to a Union "pretending" to go after the Bean Counters and be the Martyr.. Just my $0.02...
btweston -1
Your math is dishonest.
comicpilot 3
In my experience, an aviation job I applied for (a few years back) that was a Teamster Union job, would of worked out to just OVER 1/4 of my yearly take home for monthly Union dues.. Living in a HIGH Cost area and having MUCH experience in the industry it was NOT for me.. So yes for some Union jobs my math is spot on..
jhakunti -1
higher wages means absolutely nothing when usurped by unions via dues.
Maybe there is hope for the working man yet. Sounds like management is getting a little worried. It's too bad the union movement isn't covered better in our schools. Most of the teachers are unionized I believe.
s2v8377 3
I definitely don't agree with Delta on this. The sign is demeaning in my opinion to their employees. It is the right of employees to try and organize. It is also the carriers right to demonstrate through good faith practices why employees should not. Telling them to spend money on video games is not doing that.
George Cottay 2
A few years ago the National Labor Relations Board would have shown Delta the error of their ways. Is that still true?
Pete Schecter 2
Hmmmm, opening at delta corp communications soon? EXCELLENT messaging strategy.....
jhakunti 1
this resonates more heavily with the millennial generation than with any previous generation and due to detailed study and analysis Delta knows this. my past experience working with unions in both air transport and ground transport is usually related to a jaded workforce resentful of the other parts of the working team or staff with very little beneficial output by the union. unions were created with a very good purpose but in this day and age have become obsolete and more deterimental to a company than useful to a company. apart from negotiating higher pay very little else is and can be done by unions usually due to politics and psuedo-hierarchy. in transportation industry, only pilots benefit from unions in pay and work rules and crash investigations.
Thomas King 3
Tell that to an employee that is fired for something minor and has no grievance or arbitration process. Without unions, you operate under the "good old boy" system.
jhakunti 1
at will employment is what it is, even with unions. so what?
lynx318 0
Bugga the unions, dues are a ripoff and all unions only help themselves these days, not their members. Also bugga the games, better off buying shares.
strickerje 0
To be fair, the poster didn’t really say to buy a video game console instead of unionizing - it just provided a comparison to the cost of union dues. And the union responded with... a meme showing a guillotine, for some reason. Both sides have been pretty tone-deaf here, IMHO.


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