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Boeing sold no new commercial aircraft in April

Boeing landed no new commercial aircraft orders in April and slashed its 737 backlog by 171 aircraft amid the collapse of Indian carrier Jet Airways. Chicago-based Boeing’s April deliveries also slowed to a trickle as the 737 Max remains grounded. Boeing took 207 737s off its books in the first four months of 2019, though 36 737 orders equate to a net reduction of 171 737s in the four-month period, according to Boeing's figures. Boeing also took 10 787s off its backlog in April. ( 기타...

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Not very surprising amid the 737 Max situation.
it's too bad
Cansojr 3
This may be too bad but don't forget the 346 victimss. Boeing is going to be in court a lot in the near future. Bang on Kobe.


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