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FAA found "pilot-induced error" as the main factor in emergency landing involving Post Malone

The Federal Aviation Authority found "pilot-induced error" was listed as the primary factor in the tire blow outs that prompted rapper Post Malone's chartered jet to make an emergency landing last year. Investigators further found "the flight crew did not comply with the manufacturer's procedures for wheel brake cooling times after an overweight landing." ( 기타...

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Because the pilots exceeded max gross takeoff weights and landing weights numerous times and the aircraft exceeded inspection times, resulting in this incident, will there be consequences for the pilots and the operator of the gulfstream? Good thing the plane landed safely. Thankful to NTSB investigators good work.
Likely only 500 lb over gross take off wt. with full fuel, but 6,000 lb over max ldg wt. sure doesn't help the brakes any? Looks like more oversight is needed on these Part 135 operators?


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