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Feds announce new guidelines for service and emotional support animals on planes

Airlines are prohibited from banning specific breeds of dogs on board flights as service or emotional support animals, the US Transportation Department said Thursday, amid controversy over safety and passengers abusing the policies for emotional support animals. The guidelines outlined by department officials appear to invalidate a recently-announced Delta Air Lines policy barring "pit bull type dogs" from traveling as service or emotional support animals. Airlines are allowed a… ( 기타...

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I read with great interest, this article concerning Emotional Support Animals.
This excerpt from the above article:
(The department will not seek to invalidate any airline policies prohibiting animals other than dogs, cats and miniature horses -- the most common species of service animals)

I must ask simple questions about one type of animal.
How do you train a horse to "hold it" until landing?
What kind of safety or restraint device do you attach to such an animal?
Think about it, can anyone imagine a three hour flight next to a horse?
John D 3
I have seen several well behaved dogs set themselves under a seat. How do you do that with a horse??
I did not know that a miniature horse was that small! Does one have to pay for an extra seat? ;) I'm an animal lover but wouldn't want to smell one while trying to enjoy my flight. I'm sorry for seeming selfish, but if one is that scared of flying, they should use ground transportation. I'm afraid of heights, so I do not climb higher than my comfort zone; I do not climb with an Emotional Support Animal!

P.S. Service dogs are allowed without prejudice as they have a justified purpose.
We're going backwards. In the old days of DC3s we flew the chicken route in Central America.
People would board with their poultry and piglets. Rarely with dogs or cats.
linbb 4
Stupid deal this emotional support is pure BS as its over used under regulated and the rest of us have to put up with there supposed need for them. Its out of control and pushed by some group that says we don't have to even show that we need them. Great deal just what I would like to put up with a pit bull sized dog taking up some of my space during a flight. Where are our rights as passengers?
Absolutely, they make special aircraft for all those farm type animals, they are called live cargo flights? Just “pony “ up the greenbacks? LOL
PaulN2719 2
What I want to know is, what rights do I have as someone who has been afraid of dogs his entire life? (An attack when 2 years old has left lifelong scars that, at 40, have never completely healed). Do I have to be forced to sit next to someone's dog for a flight of multiple hours, which would make me very, very uncomfortable to say the least?

To put it mildly, if someone told me that I have to sit next to a big dog for a long flight, I couldn't do it. No how, no way.
And what about those who are allergic to dogs or cats?
The allergy question is very interesting. Where does one's right to board with an animal vs the expectation of a guest with a moderate to severe allergy that the environment of an aircraft cabin is generally not a animal allergen high risk zone. Another travel industry: Generally speaking hotels who have guests with animals in a room are required or should notify the next guest that an animal was present before them unless the room is deep cleaned between guests (Rare) Maybe someone should add Epi-Pens to the pre-flight checklist. At least smoking can cause problems over time. An allergic reaction can be immediately life threatening.
Rory Wall 5
Only blind persons need a guide dog. All the rest are scammers gaming the system. People own dogs because they like dogs and find them to be good companions. If they want to fly with them, they need to pay a companion fare. Otherwise, put them in a kennel. Leave your pet cat, dog, horse, peacock, marmot, snake, or Democrat home.
l fung 1
Agreed that passengers who wish to travel with pets should pay for them. However, it's not just blind people who use highly trained dogs; deaf people, veterans with PTSD and epilepsy suffers do so.
If an animal can curl up at your feet, whether horse, dog, or cat, then I don't have a problem with them flying. I can't comment on the ability of a horse or cat holding their bowels until a flight is over. Of course, babies can't control their bowels and they're allowed to fly. Most dogs can be trained in bowel control. Obviously a service animal can't be in an exit row. It's a matter of accommodation. I can't have peanuts if someone seated next to me is allergic to them. It's just one of those things.
lynx318 1
Saudis have already taken this to the extraordinary a couple years ago.
btweston 0
I still want my emotional support doobies.
ADXbear -1
So the airlines can just trample on the ADA act and make there own judement.
Did you know s service dog can be trained by the individual??..
Jeff Lawson -2
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US DOT Rules Airlines Must Allow Miniature Horses to Fly as Service Animals

Anyone with a service miniature horse and the need to fly across the country will no longer have to say bye, bye to Little Sebastian at a TSA checkpoint. The Department does note that airlines are still allowed to reject certain approved animals if they're deemed too large, too dirty, or too dangerous.


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