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747 supertanker in battle to save Brazilian forests

This is an amazing aircraft. It can fill, fly to a fire within 300 miles, drop its load, return, refill, and be on it's way within an hour. ( 기타...

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Absolutely marvellous - heroes of the sky!
I believe it actually went to Bolivia at least initially
I'm done here. Can't have an intelligent conversation/debate with people who insist on slanting the topic to suit their own
personal agendas.
Now there's someone throwing out "what -if's". Here's one-"What if" no plane crashes? You can make up "what if"
scenarios forever.
As a retired firefighter and aviation buff,
I can truly appreciate the enormous fire suppression impact carried out by the 747 Supertanker, regardless of where its operating.
Excellent. It's necesary 100%. Good!
Its the bolivian amazonas.

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Bolivia is a country, brazill os another, please read what you posted, you searched bolivians in brazil, its like searching for canadians in brasil and telling me that Canada is in brazil.
I would not have been as polite as you!!
According to the 2011 census 506,000 people born in Wales live in England. Does that mean Wales is in England? I don't think so.
Falconus 5
Just for reference, the population in Bolivia is about 11.5 million people, which is similar to the population of North Carolina or Georgia. It is a little less than twice the size of Texas or France.

It's a little surprising, honestly, that geography is such a problem this week on an Aviation forum.
If I want a geography lesson, I'll check out a National Geographic web site....this is an AVIATION site!!!
Falconus 2
That's the point. As you put it, it's an AVIATION website. Planes fly from place to place, geographically speaking.
mimana 2
But if a plane crashes you want to where... so geography lesson is necessary.
Does it really matter???
Some people will argue/disagree with the sun coming up and setting!
Why not include the republican/democrat debate too!😂😩
It's a great firefighting tool. Who cares what country it's sent to?
Falconus 0
You are free to disagree with me about the sun coming up and setting as much as you would like. You don't have to know something/be right about it for it to be important.

Distinctions between border countries such as Bolivia/Brazil, the USA/Mexico, and Germany/France may not be very important to you personally, but realistically these [often arbitrary] political boundaries have a very important effect.

There is a lot of chatter about the Brazilian government sabotaging the Amazon Rainforest with these fires. I am not weighing in on whether this is accurate or not (I really have not looked at the evidence one way or the other at this time), but if you don't want to distinguish between Bolivia and Brazil, you have just pulled Bolivia into the accusations. You still may not think that that is important, but it may (or may not) just be that the geopolitical situation in regards to these fires is related to why the airplane was dispatched to one place and not the other.

Given the headline of this post "747 supertanker in battle to save Brazilian forests", which is incorrect based on the linked article, the point about whether Bolivia is a part of Brazil or not is actually extremely relevant.

You may not care about this article, and that's fine. But if you do care about it, it's an important distinction to make.

Also just in the interest of not being rude, it's good to have an idea about what it means when somebody says that they are from a certain country or region.
The point of the article is about how great the 747 Supertanker is and how great a firefighting tool it is..
You can dissect the area it's currently being used in, but like I said, "WHO CARES WHERE ITS BEING USED"?
If you want to carry on a diatribe about what country, region, latitude, longitude, temperature, population, etc, go ahead but you've not had any comments on the topic...THE 747 Supertanker!
Falconus 2
Right, it doesn't matter at all where it's being used. Let's just waterbomb the %&+* out of the Central Atlantic Ocean. It's all about the airplane, after all.
The plane has a contract with the bolivian government, brazil is puting out fires using the army, actualy, evo morales, the bolivian president authorized yhe burnings thay lead to this dissaster.
That they went down to help fight the fires is a good thing. The people I feel for are the indigenous peoples there that do not want to be bothered by anyone.
A 747 can do almost everything. What a wonderful machine !!
flies out of Sacramento/McClellan field frequently....will be back in time for California's fire season...
McClellan has two DC10's ready to go if a large fire starts. They don't have quite as large a payload as the 747, but they can get to a fire just as fast. Had one go over my house last night. They are noisy.
DC10s, MD87s, Converted C130s, Helios... S2s and OV10s from the state... place
McClellan has the big planes because we have that loooooong runway the Air Force built. They can park the smaller aircraft at other fields.
and a huge ramp space... and a guy who runs the old base that knows what he's doing!
GST944 is working in Bolivia, earlier squawk here:

24 flights in the 7 days:
this is the dumbest comment section I’ve ever read. YouTube has less childish comments floating around
Great news story!
I saw this gorgeous airplane land at the pima airpark last fall for annual maintenance.
On final, it dropped the last of its firefighting retardant load.
Utterly awesome, spectacular, and beautiful!!!
A fantastic way of repurposing aircraft rather than parting them out as so many are at the Airpark..hulks of their former beautiful graceful lives.
"It can speed to a fire at 600 miles an hour, just under the speed of sound..."

None of the tables I found online with a few minutes of Googling showed altitudes above 60,000 feet at which the speed of sound was about 659 mph, so I don't think the Global SuperTanker is flying remotely near "just under the speed of sound".

"At least for now, this aircraft is not available for use in California or the U.S...."

Yeah, because it's in Brazil. It's not available for use in Lichtenstein, Turkmenistan, American Samoa, or anywhere else because It's. In. Brazil.
This report is from a news channel in San Francisco so presumably they just wanted to let residents know that it was not available for use in their local area - or indeed the country.
Marvelous plane... Need more of them
They are not saving anything. These fires happen every year and the worst ones happened between 2004 and 2005.
O longo braço da propaganda oficial chegou ao Flightaware?

- Bolivians beg to differ, government-approved fires spread to national parks and biodiversity reserves over a month, some fires were 30 Km from major population centres, before Civil Defense was activated due to citizen pressure.

- On the other hand seems Brazileans WANT to burn down their house...
I have flown 747's around the world. What a fitting use for a great airplane.
So is it Coulson's according to livery or is it not? There was no single mention about Coulson :(
Its Evergreen GST in the Bolivian amazon/pantanal/Chiquitania, Coulson helicopters may be hired next.

OP news story cuts facts.
mimana 1
Wrong... This is not correct. The B-747 Super tanker is fliying in Bolivia's Chiquitania lands. This area is in the Santa Cruz state in Bolivia. Please get the detail corrected.
mimana 1
By the way, it is using Viru Viru International Airport (VVI) in Santa Cruz for this operations in Bolivia.
lynx318 1
Looking at the satellite image of the fires,
they have their job cut out for them, any help is good help.
They sure have their work cut out . But will the drop get through the Canopy ? If it doesn't , how effective is it ?
They may not be the Heroes of the sky . But God Bless them for trying . These Amazon fires really have me worried . The planet really needs this Rain Forest for all of us .


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