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A boy with autism wouldn't sit still on a United Airlines flight. So crew and passengers stepped in to help.

(CNN) - Braysen is a 4-year-old autistic boy who usually loves to fly. But he had a meltdown on a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Houston. ( 기타...

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sparkie624 22
An exceptional Flight crew... Well above and Beyond the call of duty... Ditto to the Passengers as well.
Couldn’t have said it better myself.
thegrump 7
Stories like this remind me of something that is really easy to overlook: Most people are good and generous and patient. We mostly only hear about people because they’ve done something truly awful. While we still have to deal with those cretins, take a moment to appreciate the fact that the hundred or so random people on this flight are much more representative of humanity in general.

And if you find your eyes watering a bit, don’t blame the pollen, you’re just having the natural reaction to an act of kindness and empathy.
What a feel good story not gonna lie I shed a tear reading it.
That's how every flight crew should behave. Congratulations to everyone involved !!
It goes to show you that the good and real loving of all humanity is still present, no matter what class seating you have.
There but for the Grace of God go I.
quick thinking,a kind heart, and empathy are needed to work for an airline,whether passengers believe that or not..these flight attendants and luckily, the passengers on board showed an understanding that is missing in a lot of interactions people have in todays world..kudos to them all..autism is a lot more common than people think, and misunderstood...
Not a easy situation for the crew
Nice to read stories like this. On twitter I read a similar story about an autistic boy on a flight who was similarly helped You can read the thread here
mbrews 2
- thanks for posting. A breath of fresh air, to see simple, unselfish, goodness.
As a parent with a 9 year old with ASD and ADHD I can relate. So glad to hear of understanding and empathy in a situation like this. Most are quick to judge and blame the parents. Good on United and passengers!
Nice to hear a warm hearted story about United. Kindness is contagious. Because the flight crew acted professionally, the passengers followed, and joined forces to help the boy. As a UAL frequent flyer, kudos to them. I should hope the example they provided inspires others.
Cudos to the flight crew and passengers for helping the kid out. This could have entirely gone the other way, and has previously, when an autistic child had a meltdown. One cannot predict when they will have one, or why, but showing some compassion when such happens helps the parents more than one could ever know. The question now is, has United learned something finally?
No one sees the potential danger here? How tolerant was everyone going to be?
Exactly I know for a fact that FA was called into the FSM office and reprimanded very unsafe
And you know this HOW???
CNN is garbage.
I would say something but instead im going to bite my tounge.
Mr. Quixote's proven he should do a whole lot more tongue-biting and whole lot less saying stuff.
i have a autistic (only child) son 9 yrs old now . i travel lots of palaces around the world with him and my wife
i can clearly say only two times i got a complain about his no calm behavior , both of them from USA , in Asia no one compliant all helping out to calm him ..
Sounds like he needs an "emotional support animal."
It doesn't work that way...
lynx318 1
Nice try at tying stories together.

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Tom Bright 19
You can stay home dude.
Better hope & pray your children don’t have autism. Pretty sick & immature for a supposedly grown adult to make fun of a child who can’t understand what is happening to him. Your time is coming.
Thats where they should put people that don't care about a problem like autism. It is pretty much uncontrollable at that age. Well done United.

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we will see.
My comment was referring to Richards first comment.

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This is not now nor has it ever been a porn site. Take that comment and get back to club penguin please. AND GROW UP THERE ARE CHILDREN HERE.
Exactly. Not like we care about that anyway, nevertheless on an aviation platform.
replying to william's comment
I was gonna say. Kobe went wacked on me too lol. (No offence kobe). Thanks for clearing that up.
lol all good.

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You are just as bad as some other trolls on here.


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