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All Female crew flies into Dorian for the NOAA

NOAA is at it again, flying into hurricane Dorian. This time it’s with an all female crew. ( 기타...

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linbb 9
So what? Airlines, military and corporate do it all the time. Please come into this century women can do the same work as men. Oh and they don't have to wear skirts either. This is not the dark ages, at least for some people come out of your cave.
ffrcobra1 11
Agreed. Why is this “news”? I’ve been working around female pilots for several decades. Several of the ones I’ve known are probably planning their retirement from the airlines by now. They don’t seem to be as uncommon as many people believe. And they are nearly always more on the ball than 50% of their male colleagues.
Exactly. This might of been news 10 years ago. But now it shouldn't be anything to gasp about.
It's "news" because some people in the media still believe that women are being oppressed in 2019 when we have more resources and opportunity around us than ever before.
Unfortunately that is the trend in journalism these days. The more likely a title is to be perceived as controversial, the more views it gets. The NFL does this all the time.
....... and ......... waiting with baited breath for the real story ......
News outlets only pick up on press releases.. I guess to the NOAA it was significant for THEM to have an all female flight crew on a hurricane chaser.. sure commerial aviation has had female pilots for a while yet delta still put out a all female crew press release in 2018 - maybe the NOAA doesn’t get the same coverage for “just” flying into a hurricane ... so they were looking to add some “flare”..
I've never been able to tell any difference between male or female pilots in the way they fly the airplane.

Flying into a hurricane can be dangerous. The ladies on that squad has to be careful they don't chip a nail.
They are both trained the same way so yes, you wouldn't tell the difference. That is why it shouldn't be made a big deal of.
Wow! Chip a nail..... really?
Really Wes. It's a funny line after the serious thought. Go ahead and laugh aloud now, and think about it on the way home in the car.
Be SO glad when all females, minorities and other areas of our society break all barriers so we can get on with real stories concerning Aircraft and Aviation in General.
Yippee Skippie! Now I can die in peace! Anyplace else the women need to penetrate???
Laughing, I said the same thing out loud in my office...mine was Thank God I can finally die in peace knowing an all gal crew flew something.
Come on! This is 2019 people.

My opinion is this is "news" only to those who think it's still 1990.


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