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Interjet tries to get rid of its Sukhoi Superjets

The last foreign operator of the Russian-made Superjet considers getting rid of the aircraft. The only non-Russian carrier Mexican Interjet is reportedly planning to end its operations with the SSJ100s of the Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi. According to the Mexican airline operator, the decision was taken long before the Aeroflot SSJ100 crash in Moscow on May 5. Despite the carrier has 22 SSJ100 in its fleet, only five planes are currently operational. The rest is used as donors for the… ( 기타...

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This has been posted before.. as I commented before to you James:

The headline is misleading, Interjet is trying to offload them due to BUDGET issues — and the fact they have been swapping parts and screwd up their fleet.. and can get them all right again due to the debt their in. So they’re trying to offload them all A’s is. (I’m not supporting the superjet saying it a great airplane. - in this case tho the headline is misleading as it’s BUDGET not The product)
** should read : “can’T get them right again...”
James: Here is the link you posed 10 days ago - with the same story different headline... ... ...


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