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Navy UFO Witnesses Speak Out

What, exactly, did the Navy encounter 15 years ago off the Southern California coast, when fighter pilots spotted a UFO? These men were there, too⁠—and it's time they tell their side of the story. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 7
Wasn't that the guy in a lawn chair cruising at 15,000 ft. hoisted by a gaggle of weather balloons?

Some pilots hesitated to call it in for fear tower operators might die laughing.
btweston 3
I actually just saw a UFO. Then I strained my eyes and identified it as an ERJ.
I prefer UAP over UFO.
Greg S 1
Earth must getting visited by a race of intergalactic squirrels. They always stay close enough to be seen in blurry images but never close enough for a clear image. Maybe we should rig a weather balloon with thousands of acorns and a few cameras and see if we can't settle this thing once and for all.


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