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You Can Now Book Flight Tickets Through Amazon Alexa

There aren’t many of us who don’t have some sort of voice assistant in our homes. Whether you use it for checking the weather, listening to the radio or, like me, for making sure you don’t burn your dinner, these smart speakers have become part of the fabric of modern life. But did you know you can also book flights on Alexa? Here’s how SunExpress is paving the way to a new kind of booking platform. SunExpress became the first airline in the world to be bookable through the Alexa voice assistant… ( 기타...

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Unbelievable!! How will she do?
linbb -4
Um nothing better to report than some dumb thing like this??????????????Really?
Ummmm, nothing better to do than post over 3200 squawk comments that are all negative? Really????


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