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Forced descent rattles Qantas passengers

Oxygen masks dropped down as the pilots took the plane, which was approaching Melbourne from Adelaide with 99 passengers and six crew, from 36,000ft to 10,000ft. A Qantas spokeswoman said cabin crew had turned airconditioning on the right side of the plane off after it overheated and this had caused the overloaded left-hand unit to shut down. She said the decompression initially happened gradually. "But when the left-hand side tripped they had a full decompression." ( 기타...

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TTail 0
the standard procedure in a decompression incident is to get to 10,000 ft as soon as possible. how fast to get down, i do not know. glad that everyone is ok though.
erisajd 0
why is this news? The pilots reacted as they were trained to do - and descended to a safe altitude and then landed. . . . the pax reacted as if their lives were at risk - they never were. Perhaps they need new undershorts but the pilots need to do their job before they tell the pax whats going on -

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate is the mantra.
Just shows how reliable modern aircraft are if this kind of incident is big news.
biz jets 0
The only thing that makes it 'newsworthy' is it's Qantas due to the A380 problems. Two weeks ago a Aussie Govt Challenger lost an inflight while carrying Govt. VIP's - Aussie forums commented, 'Good thing this wasn't a Qantas or we'd have never heard the end of it'. It barely had a mention in the Aussie press.
chalet 0
Qantas again, I can't understand why so many incidents, more than half a dozen in less than a year?, something is not right.
biz jets 0
It is do to the fact of the Airbus A380 story - now anything Qantas makes the news. Follow; and you'll see daily airliner problems everyday - that don't make the news.
chalet 0
Bizjets101, thanks for the lead, very very interesting website. Wished I had known about it back in 2001 when an American MD-80 had to go back to MIA for reasons they never explained, one of my sons was on board and was whitefaced for several days.


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