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'Child stowaway' found dead in plane's undercarriage in Paris

In an unfortunate occurrence, the body of a boy was found in a well of the landing gear of an Air France Boeing 777 that flew in from Ivory Coast. ( More...

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Greg S 16
Heartbreaking. Imagine being the worker who found a beautiful child's lifeless body. I get upset just from creating a mental image of the scene.
Gary Berrian 12
Several years ago on a walk around inspection at IAD we found the body of a young man in the Wheel well of an Airbus A340. It was a very disturbing sight for the ground staff and it gives you some insight of how desperate these people are to seek freedom.
coinflyer 4
There can be no doubt that the accompanying adult must've fallen out when the wheel well doors opened, and that body may too eventually be found if it fell on land.
According to reports from Abidjan he was alone.
His name was Laurent Barthélémy Ani Guibahi, 14 years old. His school runs on two shifts, he was due in the afternoon. He left home with his school bag, never showed up.
Jesus take this precious child into heaven.
amen to that brother God Bless
joel wiley 9
Dear Lord, please improve the conditions from where this child came so his friends don't feel they need take such desperate measures.
sparkie624 4
A question that I would have is how did he get there... It would be nearly impossible for him to get there by himself! That wheel well is quite high off the ground.
Greg S 8
I've seen some pictures of the deployed gear and there are plenty of structures on it that provide convenient climbing holds. Climb up the gear and into the wheel well and you're in.
sparkie624 5
I have worked all around that plane.. and to be honest... I would have never figured using parts of the plane for climbing points, but a point well taken... Kids figure out the crazist things - Never having kids, I many times under estimate them.

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Greg S 2
What, exactly, is the "it" that you used?
Rich Boddy -5
How exactly did you end up so fucking retarded? Holy shit
sparkie624 2
Please... Language!
joel wiley 2
Why do you ask, are you looking for someone to give you lessons?
airuphere 2
Anyone seen Fifth Element.. “parasites in the landing gear” ( I am in no way calling this boy a parasite.. just a reference to the scene) can there not be a sensor installed to detect stowaways in the bay? Camera? Motion and heat? I know there’s a lot of motion and heat in there but there has to be something that can detect this - as airport security is not able to stop it.
coinflyer 1
At 10 years of age that would have been truly surprising. But at 14 (see #Wolfgang Prigge) it becomes much more likely.
mmc7090 3
A good example where fencing keeps children safe.
My condolence to the family thoughts and prayers God bless
techboy9 1
That is just a sad story to hear and I bet it was hard to see when the workers and ground crew found it.
Margaret LeRoy -1
Where was the parent or guardian??
Bruno Vezza 0
The problem Is how he got through security cecks

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Greg S 16
He was 10 fucking years old. How would an adventurous 10 year-old from the Ivory Coast know that going into the wheel well would be fatal. Do you think he was suicidal? Of course he didn't know the danger. I guess you don't remember what it's like being 10.
airuphere 1
True.. at 10 did he understand that gear bays are not pressured or heated. Did he know the temperature at cruise.. I would suggest the dead bodies of many adults who try this would say otherwise
sparkie624 1
Some adults think that it is pressurized behind every door, and that is far from the truth on any pressurized A/C... Especially the Gear Doors... They are sealed for Noise, not for Pressurization.


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