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Report of C130 Fire Tanker crash in Australia

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) is investigating reports of a large air tanker which crashed in the state's south. In a statement, it said "contact had been lost with a Large Air Tanker which was working in the Snowy Monaro area". "Local ground crews indicate the aircraft may have crashed," the RFS said in a statement. "A number of helicopters are in the area carrying out a search." There is an emergency warning in place for a blaze burning towards… ( More...

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Ray Harrop 10
Absolutely 'gutted' to hear of this disaster yesterday afternoon - I live on the South Coast and we had a bad 3 hour spell after lunch with winds 80 kpm plus and temps of 37 deg c bringing the fire from the north west onto coast. These C130 planes and their highly trained and dedicated crews are the ONLY way to defend this country from fire in the future. Invariably the fires start in areas inaccessible to ground fire crews and early aerial control is the only way to stop these conflagrations. We need a permanent fleet throughout the southern states - much better investment than submarines for our future safety. Very very brave flying crews - heartfelt commiserations to their families back home. Thankyou for coming to our rescue.
bentwing60 19
They survived a trip halfway around the world to go to work. In one of the most dynamic environments anyone in the industry could imagine. Makes freight haulin in old Lears back in the day seem a cake walk! I'd hoist a pint with any and all of them any day, but, alas, not to be. I'll do it anyway in their honor.

They knew a lot more about their jobs than the investigators, and as often enough happens in this industry, went off to work one day and never came home. RIP
ian mcdonell 8
Australians honour these people who tragically lost their lives helping us. Agree with you bentwing.
Neil Morrison 3
Very sorry to see this news break yesterday here in Australia. My condolences to their families & friends. They and their fellow :firies" are very brave indeed. There is bushfire smoke around me as I type this but nothing like what some residents have been through.
Our thoughts are with that particular crew.
Very sad as I have been tracking these aircraft from time to time as I live close to the RAAF Base where these A/C are based.
They do a great job in fighting these fires in my state of NSW
Les Carter 3
Rest in Peace men. You helped save my house in Batemans Bay a few weeks ago.
Neil Morrison 1
Does anybody know where we could send a condolence card please ?? C/O Coulson Aviation perhaps ??
antperry 0
Here is the track of the aircraft

I wonder if the search aircraft actually knew where to look. You can see the search patters of the Australian Airforce

The search aircraft found it of course, but it is interesting to think that they may have started their search in the wrong place because their last radar position update at ATC was not where its last ADSB message was received.
ericvdneut1 4
A Rural Fire service Tanker was close by and saw the incident,unfortunately nothing they could do RIP, we salute you
ericvdneut1 2
THE CVR was located but the aircraft wasn't fitted with a black box recorder
ian mcdonell -2
I find you comments disgusting antperry
antperry 1
sorry - words were not well chosen. I dont know what information was able to be used when carrying out a search.
Frank Deane -2
Absolutely gutted by this tragic accident. Why is it we all find this accident so difficult to deal with. Perhaps it's because the crew came from overseas. I cannot begin to imagine the grief and pain their families, friends and mates back in the US are going through. They came to help and in doing so, paid the supreme price. May they rest in peace.


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