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Airbus To Pay €3.6bn Fine Over Bribery, Corruption Charges

Airbus has reached agreements with fraud authorities in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, to pay €3.6 billion amid investigations of bribery and corruption in the company. According to FlightGlobal, analysis from Airbus estimated the damaging impact could have reached around €200 billion across all divisions of the company. The payment made by Airbus will finally bring to an end the three-year prosecution arrangement, which would have avoided more money in lawsuits and also… ( 기타...

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So, who will actually end up paying this fine? Airbus? Ha! It's the cost of doing business. The cost will just be passed on to the consumers. Ultimately the traveling public (you and I) pay it through increased fares.

Fines by governments almost always end up as hidden taxes.
Only if the airline you are flying on buys from Airbus...
john doe 1
Uh... who did you think would pay for it? When a corporation pays for something, it uses money it gets from it's customers, does it not?
The fine will be paid by the shareholders. It is stupid to find a company for the behavior of the executives of the company. They and only they should be fined.
When I write “find” , I wanted to write “fine”. Sorry
the hobbs 12
What's crazy is that the almost 4 billion dollar fine is just to end the probe. Wonder what they would have found if they kept digging...

Not all that surprising that Airbus artificially fluffed up their own orderbook.
What is nonsense is to fine the company, and therefore punish the shareholders, for the behavior of the executives of the company The executives and only the executives should pay the fine.
As usual the Airbus fanboys downvoted this.
pilotjag 4
MH370 and probably his sock-puppet accounts...
Very true.......
john doe 1
Also as usual, the Boeing fanboys made snarky remarks about this. [shrug]
ADXbear 3
Payoff doesnt really fix the problems.. its a drop in the bucket.. at least people didnt die as a result.
This may be true; however it does go to corporate corruption, greed and ethical failure....You know...all those things Boeing has been roundly beaten over the head with a club by the media, Airbus fanboys and Boeing haters. Make no mistake, shareholder value is as equally important to Airbus as it is to Boeing. Airbus has been exectionally quite about Boeing's woes for a good reason. Because they know it could very well be them in the hot seat.
So who accepted the bribes and what were they for?
I would say Government procurement officials got the bribes. Facilitation fees or as they say in India, "earnest money".
Let's talk about Boeing corruption... ph wait sorry that would be kicking a dead horse!

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Boeing has been roundly beaten over the head with a club relentlessly over their corporate issues/culture/failures for the better part of a year now. Where the hell have you been!!?? By the way, this is no absurd fraud case at Airbus. It's quite real. And frankly, they're paying hush money to make it go away. This fraud/corruption/bribery runs much deeper then they're letting on. Have you noticed how silent Airbus has been regarding Boeing's debacle with the MAX? They know very well that this could be them...and don't want to invite any unwanted negative karma their way.
The investigation started in 2017, long before the MAX issue. How convenient to leave that fact out.
And when has the toxic relationship between B and FAA started?
About 1938. :)
That's a lot of time for bribing ending in the MAX disasters.
Bandrunner -1
Absolute nonsense; it's the way of doing business in many countries and if you want to get the orders, you better be prepared to grease the right palms.
And that, children, is the difference between civilized and uncivilized cultures.
john doe 0
[scratches head] Which one is which, Dad?
Hmmm, really? Requesting bribes is selfish behavior. More for me and less for you. A zero sum gain. Civil behavior is unselfish. Making win/wins instead of win/lose. Adding value. A positive sum gain.
Bandrunner -1
You carry on being a pompous arse. Meanwhile, there are people out there selling, selling, selling and greasing palms on your behalf to keep you in the way of life you like.
Ungrateful swine.
When one does not have truth or justice on their side, their only option is hypocrisy and resorting to calling people names. Well done
Specially if the people like you are running the business. With your mindset you justify and promote corruption, In other countries, the business are done making children work, or using slaves. Do you justify this as well?


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