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Bombardier in talks to sell Business Jet Division to Textron

What a win this would be for Textron! The 650 could replace the Hemisphere and adding the 350, 5500, 6500 & 7500 would allow them to compete with Gulfstream and Dassault. ( 기타...

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Chris B 8
Too many overlapping aircraft. Too much factory capacity for sales.

This isn't going to end well for the employees of Textron or Bombardier.
As a Canadian it saddens me to read this news. It was tough losing the CSeries to Airbus but I always thought Bombardier would keep the business jet business - the crown jewel of the company. They also say Bombardier looking to merge their rail business with Althsom so it looks like the end of a great Canadian industrial giant.
And hopefully an end to the billion or so Canadian Federal tax dollar "gifts" to Quebec..
they might have to discover another way to buy the Quebec voters favor in future.
Much as Air Canada which would have died decades ago without being propped up by the Liberal government...our "tax dollars at work" 🤔
bizprop 6
Would likely be the end of the Learjet if this goes ahead.
I'd hate to see this happen. It would mean the end for the iconic Learjet brand.
I swear, if they get rid of this, not only will bombardier lose their business jets, but we may never see the beautiful Citation Hemisphere.
A win for Textron? They would need to redesign the planes to make them fit into their lineup. I think Bombardier would be a albatross around Textron neck.
Looks like they are not

the above article states that netjets will buy 275 bombardier aircraft. cessna as well. but 275 aircraft are 275 aircraft.
how can bombardier get all the money they do from the canadian gov't and then this contract and still be losing money. unless they are not losing money. and just want big golden parachutes for the executives. reeeeeally big golden parachutes.
Then Bombardier can repay the $372.5 M the Canadian Government loaned to them Feb. 2017!
Northwest / Delta never paid Mn back for the billion dollars the state gave them to stay here. Taxpayers routinely get hosed
cypryfyx 2
As a Canadian who moved to MN, yeah.

cypryfyx 2
It could be worse. If you were from the Province of Quebec, you are not only part of the national corporate gift, but an additional billion spread over a fraction of the citizens.
Textron Global _____ and Textron Challenger ____ just don't have the same ring to 'em...
Line Up:
M2 = 1,550 nm
CJ3+ = 2,040 nm
CJ4 = 2,165 nm
XLS+ = 2,100 nm
Latitude = 2,700 nm
Sovereign+ = 3,200 nm
Challenger 350 = 3,200 nm
Longitude = 3,500 nm
Challenger 650 = 4,00 nm
Challenger 5000 = 5,200 nm
Challenger 5500 = 5,900 nm
Challenger 6000 = 6,000 nm
Challenger 6500 = 6,600 nm
Challenger 7500 = 7.700 nm
Challenger 8000 = 7,900 nm

My armchair CEO talking, keep: M2, CJ3+, Latitude, Longitude, CL650, GBL5500, GBL6500 and GBL7500.

Possibly restart the Hemisphere product with a hybrid CL350/650, say 5000 nm range. Would fit between the Longitude and GBL5500

Shutdown the Lear product.
wingbolt 1
I haven’t found many Latitude operators that are happy with it. On the other hand I haven’t found many challenger 300/350 operators that are upset with it. Hopefully they will dump the Latitude so my boss will quit asking about it.
The 300/350 isn’t IMO a great product. I’ve flow the 300 and just the 4.5 degree glide path limitation is something Cessna wouldn’t put up with.


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