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Is this the start of an aviation revolution?

Aviation is one of the fastest rising sources of carbon emissions from transport, but can a small Canadian airline show the industry a way of flying that is better for the planet? ( 기타...

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mbrews 4
- From the body of the article : “The power density in aviation fuel is quite high, in the neighborhood of 1,200 watt hours per kilogram,” ... “Meanwhile in a lithium ion battery, it's in the range of 200 watt hours per kilogram.” This means you need about six times the weight in batteries to fly the same distance you would with fossil fuels. "
Yea, similar to cars, hybrids etc. - imagine a long time and leap in technology before the range can compare verses the weight
linbb -1
They became carbon what? Not really just another dodge like cap and trade. Also if you watch and read about the AC they say nothing about cargo capacity with it being battery operated as to how much load is decreased if any. Range when it has enough battery energy to make a flight long enough to be useful.

Would be nice to see these figures published along with there breaking story rather than the green roof helping offset there carbon foot print...……………...


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