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I flew into Chicago and landed in a public health debacle

At 7 p.m. on Saturday night, my husband and I landed at O’Hare International Airport...What we encountered when we landed was absurd. But more distressingly, it was dangerous — and it only happened because our government can’t figure out how to deal with the coronavirus...Two things quickly became obvious: One, we weren’t getting home anytime soon. And two, anyone in this huge, smashed-together crowd who may have contracted the coronavirus was now potentially infecting others, who could in turn… ( 기타...

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FA is ALL about FLYING RIGHT ??? So I am pleased that this item was put on here for ALL of us to both Note and to stand in shock over too ??? We have NEVER been prepared for this Virus, and many in the medical world have been telling us so for years now. RIP those already lost to this Killer Virus.
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Ok, we get it. Big crowd at ORD because nobody knew what to do. People out reveling on St Patricks day in defiance of social distancing. You hate President Trump. You didn't like being on line in an airport for 4 hours over 2 weeks ago.
Doesn't belong on FA.


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