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Number of airline passengers has dropped nearly 96%

The number of people traveling by plane has dropped by about 96%, according to multiple metrics reviewed by CNN. One is the number of people screened by the Transportation Security Administration at airports. That number is about 96% lower than it was this time last year. ( 기타...

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I do not think we need "metrics" to realize how low passenger traffic is. The number of parked aircraft across the world, as well as ban on flights, is a great clue.
All of the airlines in the US and around the globe are Amazing with dedicated people running them. My prayer is probably the same as most others, that somehow we can get back to flying full planes again soon.
Your right it is Sir ? I am a Pilot, so it hits home really hard I can tell you.
Relics 1
And I’m a mechanic for a major airline, it affects me majorly as well.
life is not always "beer and skittles",to coin and old phrase,nor is everyones life like the old children's book "Pollyanna"..we have to face facts that there are some really good times and some really bad times in just about everyones life,and we just have to have strength for the bad cannot look away,nor deny the facts,nor can you blame the media (as someone n here did)for reporting what is going on..they also report good things as well..the airlines will come back,possibly with a slow "restart", but too many people depend upon them now to get from place to place for business as well as pleasure travel..time,a little faith,and a dose of reality are what people need to move forward form our current situation...
Thank You So much for that Bright Happy Further piece of News to make my day complete !!!!
Relics 3
No need to be sarcastic, don’t read the article if your not interested. It’s a tough time for everybody at the moment.
The news media makes it worse with their doom and gloom. They thrive on misery
bbabis 2
You are exactly right! We no longer watch the Covid channels and only watch movies and music. Life is so much better without 24/7 hysteria.


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