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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2020 Canceled

The continuing uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizers of the world’s largest fly-in convention, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2020, to cancel this year’s event at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The 68th annual Experimental Aircraft Association fly-in convention was scheduled to be held on July 20-26, 2020. ( More...

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bartmiller 2
I’ve been working North 40 Flight Line Ops since the 1980’s. Camping under the wing of our 182. Kids grew up, since infants attending, and volunteer also.

Terrible shame to miss this event.

10,000 aircraft arrive over the weekend and 25 square miles of incredible aviation activities. Best airshow pilots in the world perform every afternoon.
ADXbear 2
Shame, but smart.. lots of us old farts go each year.
Jason Apol 1
I too am a long term attender. I experienced the Concorde at my first KOSH visit. Have that last 5 years of wristbands pinned to the wall at my desk.

The 10,000 ft view is that the folks at EAA have their hands tied with Wisconsin restrictions. Planning an event for half a million people takes valuable time and resources. If there were no potential state restrictions, i'd dare think KOSH would be a go. After all, if you are worried about getting sick, don't buy a ticket. If any group of people understand risk management, its those of us in the aviation crowd....

Link to Pelton's comments:

I've camped in the north 40 with kids and friends for many many years. Awful disappointed to break the family and friend tradition.

Jason A, N215CC
Robert Lewis 1
I'm sure a lot of considerations went into this decision, including those brought up in these comments and a lot more. The ironic thing is AirVenture might have been one of the safest big-attendance event that could have been held this summer, considering the often sweltering heat and (over)abundance of sunlight. But I don't think anyone of us who were not privy to the meetings should second guess EAA management's decision here. The operative word I mentioned above is "might" and I don't think that EAA wanted any part of "mights" when making a decision about this.
srobak 0
Like so many other things that have already been canceled leaving all the way through fall this was very premature. If life hasn't returned to normal, in the virus hasn't essentially blown itself out by the time that EAA would have been held this country is going to have a lot bigger problems that's for sure.
cypryfyx 4
The missing piece of the decision is that these organizations need to start doing things NOW, things that involve spending a large portion of their budget, that will destroy the organization if the event doesn’t bring ticket revenues to pay it back months later.
srobak 0
The event will bring in ticket revenues. This isn't even a question. Look around your towns in your cities people are practically forcing things to get back to normal already. If you build it they will come. planning and organizing for this event actually starts just a few weeks after the last one ends. A lot of this could have and should have continued even at people's homes despite the outbreak.


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