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United Airlines restores flights at 150 U.S., Canadian destinations in July, add nonstops

In another hopeful sign for air travel, United Airlines is going to reinstate some of the flights it had suspended due to the coronavirus at 150 U.S. and Canadian destinations. ( 기타...

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Sean Oneil 2
Current aircraft configs and health scare concerns are incompatible. Either airlines create further discomfort to accomodate covid fears by reconfig aircraft and add another layer of screening or the worry warts can drive..
Don’t find them any worse or better than any Canadian carriers ...sorry
This is certainly good news!
best of luck to them..i hope they at least keep up some practices like masks and temperature taking for a while..
Who else hates American links always asking for donations or stupid Ad Blocker disabling?
It sure is a frustration and a sign of the future unfortunately.
would only use United as a last result.


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