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Air New Zealand 777 aircraft heading to Australian 'boneyard'

Air New Zealand is shuffling off its wide-body 777 aircraft to the heat of the Australian desert. Chief revenue officer Cam Wallace says the aircraft will go into "deep storage" in Alice Springs. They will join at least $5 billion worth of planes currently housed at the Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (APAS). ( 기타...

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To the bone-zone!
Saw an ANZ triple seven yesterday @ SFO - beautiful in that livery!
Rather than boneyard I believe they are going in to storage. There are several Singapore aircraft at the same location including some A380s. I believe they will bring the ANZ 777s back when they reopen NZ to visitors
lot of them will convert to freighters... replace DC10s, MD11s...
777s getting old...
And too expensive to operate for the number of people flying. The world is changing, and air travel still isn't safe.
This is sad. I loved, for the most part, flying on the 777. It was a Untied flight that was the most disappointing. Seats not working, a lav that was flooded, a purser that yelled at me. But the rest of the cabin crew was above average. But hearing one passenger say that his seat belt wouldn't work, and having the yelling purser tell him to tie the two ends together was a little distressing.

How many won't come back? Sad...
United Breaks Guitars & kills family pets.


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