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China Airlines Airbus A330 nearly runs off runway at Taipei Songshan Airport after Thrust Reverse and Spoilers fail

A China Airlines Airbus A330-300 registered as B-18302 performing CAL202 from Shanghai Pudong to Taipei Songshan landed with Thrust Reverses and Spoilers unable to deploy. The Aircraft was able to stop 10 meters from the end of the runway. In response, the crew applied maximum manual breaking managing to stop the aircraft 10 meters from the end of the runway. No severe injuries were reported and the aircraft was re-positioned at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport and has remained on the ground… ( 기타...

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"I want every light we've got put at the end of that runway..."
<Airplane! reference>
joel wiley 1
And they didn't even have to deploy the slides and have the flight attendants drag their shoes for the extraordinary emergency braking procedure!
I misspelled Spoilers and spelled Spoiles. It is supposed to read Spoilers.


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