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Ethiopian 787 hit lighting mast after being sent to wrong de-icing stand

Norwegian investigators have revealed that a de-icing vehicle driver vainly attempted to stop an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-9 from taxiing onto the wrong de-icing stand, before the jet’s right wing struck and felled a lighting mast at Oslo Gardermoen. The aircraft (ET-AUP), which was preparing for departure to Stockholm and Addis Ababa on 18 December 2018, had been given the wrong stand number, even though two de-icing co-ordinators had agreed on the correct stand allocation. ( 기타...

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This wasnʻt ETAOP was it??? This same Ethopian 787 with a Battery fire in the tail in the ELT
Roy Hunte 1
ET-AOP is a 787-8 that had the battery fire. ET-AUP is a 787-9 that was involved in this incident.
Thanks. Couldn’t make it out in the photo
Pecos Llama 1


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