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United States Becomes Latest To Ban PIA Over License Scandal

The fallout over the fake license scandal at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is growing ( 기타...

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R Jolly 2
There must be at least one "good" pilot who appeared for and cleared the tests on behaf on the others. Now only if we could identify this one-eyed king amongst his not-so-bright colleagues...
Hopefully, Pakistan gets their act together and gets properly certified pilots.
I am sure there are some pilots with valid training and certs. but this thing casts a shadow on all of them. If I were running the airline I would sign up with one of the top training outfits in the US e.g. Fligh Safety or a major airlines' training facility and cycle all the pilots through there to wipe this thing clean ...
I am sure they are just misunderstood...maybe they need hugs and understanding.....
But...but...all the lawyers and the media say it was Boeing's airplane's fault. So we get to share the insurance premium increases. Thanks a lot, PIA.


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