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ExpressJet to cease operations

The Atlanta bases United Express regional partner is to stop operations as of September 30th due to regional service provider consolidation in favor of CommutAir (OH). ( 기타...

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djames225 12
This from February? "At the time, United had said it had made a “long-term” commitment to ExpressJet." 5 months is a long term commitment, United??
This is a new article... There was one back a number of months ago when I think they announced it, but this is a little different info, not the same article
Was referring to what United told Expressjet back in Feburary. If 5 months is "a long term commitment" definition to United, would hate to see short term.
Find one of us outside of China who could have predicted the Pandemic!
djames225 10
They awarded Commutair the contract, and completely took away from Expressjet, during the pandemic, instead of just cutting back. So again, if 5 months is long term, what is there short term?
My whole point is, since they own 40% of Commutair, why make "a long term commitment" to another company, even before this pandemic? They already squashed Trans State because of the pandemic.
You keep missing the point. In February, nobody know that COVID-19 was going to be used to shut down the economy.
I didn't miss any point. "My whole point is, since they own 40% of Commutair, why make "a long term commitment" to another company, even before this pandemic?" That IS my point.
Do you think they want to scoop up the competition? Or is United that broke?
srobak 3
Fauci did in 2017.
President George W. Bush (‘43) warned in 2005 there would be one.
All of the good, old callsigns are fading away. I miss hearing “Waterski” and “Blue Ridge”, among others. “Kronos” is pretty cool though.
Bluestreak and Brickyard are still here.
United is infamous for gutting its Express "partners." This is just one more example.
c k 2
I’m kind of sad, I’m going to miss that callsign “Acey”
I’ll miss hearing “Acey” too.

I used it in 1984-1985.

Great flying. Great company. Great people.
Too bad Acey ain't in charge no more.
Lake Charles, LA (KLCH) is getting the triple whammy: 1) Envoy Air (AA) “ pausing” operations, 2) ExpressJet ceasing operations, & 3) Likely storm surge damage from Hurricane Laura as LCH is only 10 feet above sea level.
I guess the pilot shortage is over?
ADXbear 3
There goes my former ASA BUDDIES, I believe Expressjet bought them out too..

Amazing how fragile these airlines are.. hate to say it, but I'm glad I moved on when I did,, I couldnt take the swings and senority restarts..

Now all these folks will have tough choices..good luck..
c k 1
What are they going to do with the E145s that ExpressJet owned?
Been doing some research and this move by United is big corp. Sneaky, dirty, but big corp at play.

They bought 49.5% of Expressjet last year and own 40% of Commutair. They basically shutdown Expressjet (exclusivity contract?), transfer some aircraft over to their Commutair, and write off their share loss. If they had less shares in Expressjet than Commutair, it's cost structure would now be higher) Im betting Commutair would be the 1 on the chopping block . Remember due to labor contracts, United can only fly so many jets over 50 seats at once, and now that problem is solved.

As for TransState. The airline itself may have closed up shop, but not TransState Holdings. They own GoJet and fly the new 50 seat CRJ550 for United. How long that will last (a 10 year contract may be hard to break..or not for United), who really knows.
c k 2
Interesting, yeah, United cutting ExpressJet surprised me.
Yes, next to certain people, big businesses are the new Satan. And Biden's tax plan to target the wealthy and the wealthy corporations is no help. If it happens, those people and companies will just pass those costs onto the middle & lower class. Does he not realize that? I guess not, with his Alzheimer's in full effect.
That's the Left's plan. Destroy capitalism by wrecking businesses, destroy the middle class by killing the economy, make everyone except the super-rich dependent on the government.
this is a new article,however, there was one in the recent past regarding united and express jet..
this will be great for Greyhound.
Not good for our Industry. They have been around for a Very long time.
John D 2
Compass Air shut down too, early on if I recall correctly.
Compass was already scheduled to be shut down at the end of the year as was TSA Airlines... However the Pandemic, pushed plans ahead and were shutdown sooner than originally planned
John D 1
I did not know that. They did a lot of regional work for Delta. Pre-plague, did that work go away?
vermaas 1
SkyWest took over most of the routes and adopted some of the planes. Compass had too many reliability issues (even more than SkyWest).

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I'm sorry that this had to happen, but didn't someone in power at ExpressJet ever have a plan "B"?
djames225 11
More than likely, Expressjet had an exclusivity contract with United. And when you are told 5 months ago "long term commitment", you think the future will be safe.
That and Plan B may have been tossed out the window by the situation now faced by airlines.
First ASA basically went away when SkyWest took all the CRJs and closed the Atlanta base, now Expressjet is gone too, sad, there goes over 40yrs of history. That's the airline business for ya.
I was there right after ASA first started in 1984.. One of only a few that survived. At least, for a long time.
Really bums me out.
This is just a merry go round. Follow the $$$$$$. Contracts can and will be broken. Escape clauses, things beyond our control are talked in every board meeting.

Pilots, MX, Flight Attendants, gate agents are nothing more than worker bees.

Yes, in 5 years there will be another pilot shortage. Been there and done that.


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