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Last in, first out: Female pilots bear brunt of airline job cuts

In the United States alone, the top two airlines are set to furlough more than 3,000 pilots when government stimulus expires this month, and a disproportionate number of those are women. Under layoff agreements between airlines and unions, junior pilots lose their jobs before senior ones, regardless of gender, race or age. ( 기타...

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Women have ALWAYS had to fight hard for equality in the Airline world, and now it seems they are the FIRST OUT THE DOOR ? Sad so sad.
linbb 2
So thats the way it is made to work so that its fair for everyone OK just because many do not have the seniority to hold there job TOUGH.
Actually, that is a pretty dumb statement. Airlines hire and that starts a seniority list....period. Last hired, first furloughed & has been that way forever. Doesn’t matter if you are purple, black, white, male or female....period.


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