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Air Transat schedules nonstop A321neo LR Montreal – Athens service in Oct 2020

Air Transat in late-October 2020 schedules one-time service to Greece, based on GDS schedules and the airline’s website. On 25/26OCT20, the airline’s Airbus A321neo LR aircraft will operate Toronto – Montreal – Athens routing. Based on current schedule listing, which may vary based on actual operation, the 4736-mile Montreal – Athens sector sees elapsed flying time of 9hrs 05mins from Montreal, 12hrs 20mins from Athens, marking the longest Airbus A321neo LR flight. TS690 YYZ1440 – 1600YUL1715 –… ( More...

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Highflyer1950 1
They better start serving hot meals for everyone because that’s the only way you’re get me on a narrow body for 12+ hours? Speaking of meals, how many lavs on a A-321 neo LR?


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