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Tickets For Singapore Airlines’ A380 Restaurant Sell Out In Half An Hour

Just because you may not be able to fly, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice meal on a plane. Like many airlines looking for novel ways to raise money at the moment, Singapore Airlines announced that it would be offering a dining experience on two of its parked Airbus A380s at Changi Airport. ( 기타...

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to enhance your dining experience, we will be moving the aircraft around the field, giving everybody a chance to see the beauties of Changi Airport from the ground. THank you for dining and moving around the field with Singapore Airlines DIner on the Ground.
You get the post of the day ROFL.
Couldn't agree more, i just lol'd at my office.
what to do if the oxygen masks deploy?
and how about an emergency exit from the restaurant?
i bet this is not going over very good in toulouse.
srobak 2
Then you put the mask on and there are several emergency exits on the aircraft. Use as normal.
Well, a dinner buffet in the Ritz-Carlton is available for 84 SGD which I would slightly prefer to a SQ premium economy dinner for 96 SGD. Oh, I forgot the free onboard entertainement.....
cs cs 1
The system actually over booked due to some issues. Many get compensated (my friend get compensated $300 for business class booking). Bad arrangement. I agreed you can have some fine dinner at great restaurant in Singapore at this price.
lynx318 2
At least it won't crash, I suppose.
Unless you're on a crash diet. :)
I don’t think Southwest wants a piece of that action. ;-)
srobak 1
airline food is bad enough as it is, usually only ever eaten out of necessity. Why on Earth would anybody voluntarily go to eat it while still parked on the ground and you had the freedom to go elsewhere?
This is a typical response from someone with seemingly limited airline food experience solely from U.S. based airlines. The experience on most foreign based legacy carriers is far superior to American carriers, and the food and service reflect that. Having flown on a Singapore A380, the food and service experience was excellent.
Definitely agree that food on foreign airlines has proven to be better than that on domestic. But the worst of all (which was not terrible, just not as good as it should have been) was on Air France in the 1990s. Also, srobak says 99.9% of all flyers fly "cattle-class". If that were true, there would be only one seat of business class or higher for every 999 coach seats. srobak seems to be an unhappy individual.
srobak 0
you need to seriously work on your math skills. I hope you don't use this same common core mathematics when calculating your flight plans and setting your altimeter.
99.9% (your number) is 1 out of 1,000.
99% is 1 out of 100.
Methinks my math is spot on.
This seems unnecessarily snarky. Considering the limitations of the circumstances (limited space, limited food prep options, and altitude), my airline food experience has been darn good -- especially in the higher classes of service.
It's not snarky. It's the obvious elephant in the room question. Especially for the opportunity to pay $40 for economy class fare. But apparently people are enthusiastic about it, so good on them!
srobak -5
Well - if you flew cattle-class more often as the 99.9% of all flyers do - you would have a much different perspective.

Snarky or not - it's the truth.
Actually, I typically do fly coach. And find your comment not to be true in my experience. Therefore, it is not "the truth". It is just your opinion.
srobak 1
he leido algunos comentarios donde dicen que la comida es mala en los aviones, bueno eso lo pueden decir los que han volado en ellos pero hay mucha gente que nunca se ha subido a un avion para volar a otro lugar bueno esos son los clientes que acudiran al restaurante y para ellos sera una novedad y una bonita experiencia.


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