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Thanksgiving Flight Traffic

See 2020 vs. 2019 Thanksgiving travel numbers, plus the latest traffic data from around the world. ( More...

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Kent Barnes 8
It would be more interesting to see the passenger count difference between 2019 and 2020
pilotboobbear 2
Domestic load factor is around 70%
Douglas Tabor 4
This is measuring (ABS-B traffic) what can be measured - airlines policies and loading will vary passenger counts. Commercial traffic likely also includes cargo haulers which skew assumptions about the passenger numbers.
Interesting to see data - consistent with what I've seen at my location.
Kyle Barnoff 2
Interesting data for sure, but I think the TSA screened numbers are more interesting.
David Carr 15
The ideal figure would have been down 100% of course, but the real tragedy is that down 37% means millions of people chose personal satisfaction over societal awareness - just like always!
And I am a commercial airline and travel nut. But there has to be a circuit-breaker somewhere, and sometime soon.
Kyle Barnoff 1
Interesting thought experiment about "societal awareness." Obviously we don't stop our lives to save every life. For example, my grandparents think it is dumb for the world to shut down when people can protect themselves by staying home and taking precautions. The best moral solution isn't easy to compute. Does stopping the lives of 7 billion ppl by locking them in their homes for a year worth saving 3% of the population? Why is it immoral to spread covid but morally acceptable to feed your family foods that contribute to the deadliest condition in the US, heart disease. We're okay with living through the risks of other events & diseases. What I don't understand is where is that line and why is it there?
Stan Williams 1
Agree. You’re talking about balance. Everything works that has balance. ( on a boat, you have to have ppl sit in certain seats to balance the ride,right?) greed, that’s what’s causing the symptoms you’re speaking’s the all about me and to hell with others! We can’t live scared about everything! Smart yes but scared no. For instance, if my immune system is weak and I know that about myself, I don’t need to put myself in situations they may cause me to be sick. There’re many things besides covid that this applies to. Remember that when you’ve had too much alcohol but think it’s ok to still drive.
R Allen 1
Is it 3% or 0.3% or 0.03%?
Right on!
R Allen 4
Money makes airplanes fly. The numbers out of China indicate that airplanes in China are flying. I wear a mask. But the numbers out of China indicate that there is an appropriate level of concern. Concern is one thing. Panic is another.
You're trusting numbers from China???
At USAF AFB acting as SOF nonitoring a B52 night takeoff on the runway sweep after his departure I ran the runway FOD check and found the back half of a red fox. Cut clean as if by a buzz saw. Never found the front half. Never heard anything from the crew or ops. A maintance man was thrilled to claim the fluffy tail.

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pw40c 6
Jon - would you mind posting a link to your sources?
Daniel Amerman -1
I have found this data in large part through the CDC. I'm not guaranteeing this is where Jon got his data, but I operate a private school, and work with the local and state health department almost daily, and through all of it have found very similar figures to be true. One source that may be helpful and also supports numbers similar to Jon's is the CDC. Searching their data (not the media's summary of their data ;) will give a similar picture to what Jon mentioned. Operating wisely and with caution is one thing, operating in fear and in a panic is a problem.
Philip Lanum 3
This is how bad it is.
"More than 36,900 Americans died of Covid-19 last month. In comparison, the flu killed about 22,000 Americans during the 2019-2020 season, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In November, the United States averaged about 1,231 Covid-19 deaths every day — about 51 people every single hour.

Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a professor of medicine at George Washington University, predicted last week that the US will likely begin to see close to 4,000 daily deaths in just a matter of days."
Jim Ward 2
There’s no cure for stupidity
Well, being six foot under is.
Scott Campbell -2
Eject comment as well


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