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Great images of early taxiway bridges and runway tunnels

Aircraft overpasses are commonplace nowadays but in the mid-20th century there were only a handful of them. This blogpost provides a nice overview of the first ones built ( 기타...

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Great article, thanks for the look into the past.
Greg S 5
Thanks Marnix, I absolutely loved this little detour. More please!
Hi Greg, you're welcome! Much more to come and make sure you explore the content that is already there.
Great article, thanks for sharing! I signed up for their newsletter as well.
They forgot 17R @ SEA. Drivers-Ed class would have State Patrol speakers. They told is that the tunnel was amazingly 1/4 Mile and they used to have teens drag racing at night as the markers were easily found . Not sure if true Also anew passenger bridge with pass under for Aircraft at SEA
IAH Houston, TX
great article.
this article is a throw back to when this blog used to be an aviation blog.
When air travel had class. Great article.
This is true. I remember the day when folks put on their best clothes and were on their best behavior because flying was a special event. A far cry from the cattle cars of today ....... and the BS that goes on inside of them.
WOW.. Nice article... Will have to sit down and view it again when I have more time.. thanks for sharing.
Very interesting article and photos! I did a project in grad school for the Stapleton redevelopment, using 18"-thick concrete for gabion walls. Lots. Of. Concrete.
The first photo of the JFK Pan Am has so many historical and other aspects not related to the airline industry combined it is incredible. Appreciate the posting of this article. Thank you.
Usher73 2
I grew up in Fort Worth. When I was in the Army in Arizona, I had to fly from Tucson to Dallas for a wedding. I flew into Love Field and flew out of DFW the day it opened. It was a mess.

There were passengers who came in at one gate needing to change to a different plane at a nearby gate. They were told they had to walk all the way to the main ticket counter to get boarding passes for the next flight. Some refused. So gate agents were running back and forth between the ticket counter and gates to get the boarding passes.

I boarded my plane back to Tucson and we sat at the gate for a long time. The pilot finally came on the intercom and said "We'll take off as soon as we can find someone to put gas in this thing." We left maybe a half hour later.

I also happened to be at DFW when one of the Braniff Concorde flights took off. It took off at a very steep angle and was unbelievably loud. I put my hand on the terminal window and it was really vibrating.
Very neat, but how could you NOT point out the pic of the Concorde on the DFW taxiway!?!?
I saw it as well. Seeing it here actually surprised me as I thought it was just a JFK to London or Paris flight, but early on, I forgot they did go to some other airports.
I noticed the Concorde as well, pretty cool to have it in the picture.
I'm from Denver and remember this scene many times. Now the airport DIA is 30 miles from Denver and no chance to see aircraft up close.
Forgotten is the KATL RWY 10/28 overpass which traverses I-285......,-84.4390497,2996m/data=!3m1!1e3
The runway and taxiway at ATL did not exist until recently (if you count 14 years recent), and a 6th runway is being looked at.
Funny, I’ve been “under” and “over” all of the bridges mentioned in the U.S.


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