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Delta, KLM Offer Quarantine-free Corridor from ATL to Schiphol

Transatlantic partners Delta Air Lines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plan to launch special Covid-tested flights from Atlanta to Amsterdam starting December 15 that will allow eligible customers an exemption from quarantine after receiving a negative PCR test result in the Netherlands. To fly on Delta’s and KLM’s Covid-tested flights from Atlanta to Amsterdam, customers will need to take a PCR test five days before arrival at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, a rapid antigen test prior to boarding at… ( 기타...

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If that is what it takes, do it.
Ok so I can do a test, for 5 days I can go home, where I live with my wife. She goes shopping in the supermarket. We bring the kids to school etc. 5 days of full exposure to normal life in a reportedly ‘super dangerous’ covid country, then I can go in a plane to Atlanta and avoid quarantaine.
Not that I care, for I’m not afraid of Covid in the first place, but this is just another silly way of avoiding silly measures isn’t it? But yea! please do FLY KLM!! and save my job! Thank you!!
It is impossible to control a virus by testing or even a vaccine. This is all about the perception that if all are tested or vaccinated there is confidence it is safe. This just a concept without proven evidence. If becomes universal it is just another loss of liberty and more money for the testing companies. I certaining will not be flying Delta Air Lines and trust KLM know the truth as the PCR is not a true diagnostic test and proves nothing. Hopefully it will be just a temporary arrangement until all the hysteria has fizzled out.


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