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Reports: 2 passengers open Delta flight cabin door, slide out of moving plane

Two people on a Delta flight opened a cabin door and exited the plane, with a service dog, while it was taxiing to a runway at  New York's LaGuardia Airport on Monday, according to multiple reports. The New York Times reported that two passengers opened a cabin door, activating an emergency slide, before they slid down and out of the plane. ( 기타...

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Some people are Stupid with a capital S.
Really??? Are these people getting the bill for the Mx + costs to other passengers for delays, missed meetings, etc.? They will probably be absolved since the have the "Service Dog"......
sarafinc 1
Maybe the dog needed to go.......or maybe a passengers decided they didn't want to go to Atlanta....or they wanted to ride down the long fun slide...or all of the above...isn't comforting to know that mental cognitions are occupying the plane your about to take off in.
The future at check in for a flight: License or passport, negative Covid-19 test,examination letter from a Psychologist, any checked bags?


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