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Man uses excavator to ‘fly’ aircraft, video leaves netizens enthralled

...the small aircraft was about to be destroyed and the driver decided to take it for a joyride for one last time. ( 기타...

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djames225 15
Love a caption seen on Twitter. "Look, a CAT caught a bird"
How to have fun at work - good on you
Greg S 7
Holding pattern.
A round and round she goes, where she lands............
Fasten your seat belts -- it's going to be a bumpy ride!
Everyone knows you have to shake old furniture before donating it to get all the loose change out.This was in Florida, so I am just guessing he was shaking the plane one last time to see if any contraband was still hidden in it.
Looks like an old Lr35. A guy on the news this morning described this as a 727. Must have been a different view.
And I would be willing to bet that station claims he is an Aviation Expert, next time a bird crashes we will probably see him on TV giving us his "expert" opinion.
Quite a few videos of others doing the same thing. It's a staple in the recycling yards.

Here's an example:
Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.
jptq63 1
Steep turns / spiral practice; earned my PPL there. Must admit it looks like a pretty smooth turn about a point.
The captions in the tweets are hilarous. Even in destruction, there can be some fun.
In other words, a man wanted to fly an airplane without the headache of getting a pilots license.
Is this one of those "flights to nowhere?"


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