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Philippines cancels $10 billion airport plan with Chinese-led group

MANILA (Reuters) - A Philippine province has cancelled a decision to award $10 billion airport project to a consortium led by a Chinese state firm, dealing a blow to President Rodrigo Duterte’s infrastructure ambitions and to his policy shift towards Beijing. ( 기타...

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David Apps 12
One less airbase for the PLAAF
Spot on.

Anything to throw a wrench into their "One Belt. One Road" attempt at taking over everything.
Could it be possible that the lack of competition for the solicitation and reported, "deficient", documentation supported this simple business decision?

On the other hand, I've visited Botswana Africa and driven on "new highways" built by "Chinese" firms that were as smooth as a dirt pasture road and heard conversations (i.e., complaints) from residents about the operational failures of new coal-fired electric generating plants, also built by Chinese firms in Botswana.

Perhaps folks in the Philippines are prudent decision makers in infrastructure improvement decisions.
srobak 2
"Perhaps folks in the Philippines are prudent decision makers in infrastructure improvement decisions"

Never been to the Philippines, have ya? Just about _everything_ infrastructure related in the country is an utter shitshow - with "improvements" often making things worse. Both in major cities as well as rural areas. There's a few areas in Manilla proper which are not - but by and large this is not the case.

I'd recommend a visit for some perspective, and to fill one's quota on humbling experiences in life.
"...with 'improvements' often making things worse."

The Germans have a word for exactly that: Schlimmbesserung.
srobak 1
Really? I thought it was just called BMW.
Thanks for the joke :) Prefer any BMW over any US brand, how many brands are left in the US, not just only by name? I feel sorry for the people of Detroit, they should have adjusted in the early 70-ties after the first oil crisis.
And a lot is build with money from the EU. In some places they even fly in Chinese prisoners to build it cheaper. Got that same information from two sources who worked in Africa.
It would be another military airbase for the CCP.
And some Filipinos will miss their huge kick-back (brown envelopes) now that the project is cancelled.
This is a good thing. China has been looking to be the predominant player politically, and militarily, in the South China Seas area, and that can hurt those nations who wish to be autonomous. If one notices, once the US was asked to leave The Philippines, China had the freedom to do as they wish in the Spratly Islands which are claimed by 7 different countries at least, with areas that overlap. At least the US being there held the Chinese in check, and the people of The Philippines lost sight of that.

At least some cooler heads kept China from getting a large foothold in the country.
The presence of US bases in any location in the world is always a hot button topic for the local population. While there were US bases in the Philippines, the Americans declared the airspace above 3 provinces with proximity to Clark and Subic as no-fly zones. That ain't cool! China is acting aggressively in the South China Sea mainly as a response to American military presence in the countries bordering its western and eastern side.
The reason the CCP are in the Spratlys is because the PI would not renew our leases and Pinatubo in 1992. If we were there this whole time there would be NO CCP in the Spratlys!
You are correct. However, America had the upper hand at the end of WW2 but they never insisted on an arrangement similar to what the US has with Cuba regarding the base over at Guantanamo Bay. They settled for lease periods with the Philippine government regarding Clark and Subic and this arrangement always carried the risk on non-renewal.
I cannot say for sure, but I am sure there are those who miss having the US bases there, both local and in government.
A private corporation is building a new international airport in the province of Bulacan north of Manila. Once completed, this airport will replace the old Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. The proposed second international airport to be built in the province of Cavite, which was to be financed partly by China, was more of a political accommodation. But the pandemic has put into question the ability of the proponents to undertake the project. Since this second airport isn't that far from the one being built in Bulacan, it was not surprising that this second airport project was cancelled.
jptq63 2
While not sure what the $10 billion would do at Cavite (besides a whole bunch of land fill in Manila Bay), I would think $10 billion could add a runway at MNL and organize it a bit better for air traffic. Yes, likely more impact to dis-location of a large number of people as a significant downside.


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