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General Electric nears deal to combine its Aircraft-Leasing Unit with Irish lessor AerCap

BOSTON — General Electric is nearing a $30 billion-plus deal to combine its aircraft-leasing business with Ireland’s AerCap Holdings NV, according to people familiar with the matter, the latest in a string of moves by the industrial conglomerate to restructure its once-sprawling operations. ( 기타...

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They are not merging the two operations, they are shedding the leasing business along with other what management considers "non-core" business units. Light bulbs, appliances, and locomotives are already gone. Now they want to do a reverse split of shares, which is usually a desperate attempt to remain listed on the stock exchange.

If smaller airlines don't have a "rich uncle" to purchase the airplanes they need to operate and compete you will find the majors taking profitable routes, and leaving some areas unserved.


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