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Emirates' President Tim Clark Says Boeing “Not Getting It” On 737 MAX, 787 Dreamliner

Sir Tim Clark is worried about Boeing. In an exclusive interview with The Air Current Tuesday morning, the longtime President of Emirates airline offered a surgical dissection of the U.S. plane maker and its acute struggles with the 737 Max, 777X and 787, which he believes are existential, systemic and solvable ( 기타...

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dsjjw 8
It’s sad that corporate greed and poor quality control has been tolerated and condoned by top management, unions, FAA. Unfortunately this culture resulted in two 737 Max crashes and many deaths. This resulted in major distrust of Boeing as well as the FAA, once the gold standard in manufacturing and certification world wide. Mr. Clark’s assertions and recommendations I hope will be taken very seriously by all Boeing employees from the top down. Perhaps Mr. Clark can be persuaded to take control. I think he has the right stuff to restore confidence in Boeing. Kudos to you Mr. Clark!
From the squawked article: “Mr. Clark, 71, delayed his retirement last year as “this bloody pandemic”, in his words, ravished Emirates and the global airline industry.” If he’s intending to retire, then it seems unlikely he’d want to take an executive position at Boeing. But, yes, if an important customer like Emirates, as voiced by Mr. Clark, is royally p-d off, then Boeing had best take notice!
Most of the problems with quality aren't happening at the union shops, it's from South Carolina.

Oh, and the BOARD often picks the leaders, and if they are participating in the 'golden shower' of profits, they are just as soon to agree to anything their hand picked management is blowing up their butts. And as long as the investor class is happy with the money pouring in, to them, they are happy too.

To many investors, 'quality control' isn't as important as controlling the avenues open to their customers to complain and hold 'their profits' in danger of lawsuits and governmental action because they have demanded so many cuts to maintain their checks.

Unless management is changed, the demise of Boeing is just a matter of time. The mess started with Harry Stonecipher, and their investors and hidden management minions haven't been rooted out. Read more here, and so many other articles about his disastrous reign and the mess he left:
ADXbear 8
Sounds like a very large customer is passed off and Boeing reputation is shattered, no longer worth its name of the past..
Emirates is always pissed about something.
In the military we used to tell subordinates "You need to Un-F#$K yourself."
I had a trainer that said 'Own your shit!'. Meaning it's your life, if you want to be in shape, OWN YOUR SHIT! Do the work. Don't bitch because it's too hard, OWN YOUR SHIT!.

It's too easy to dismiss the stuff in the corporate rear view window. You can't depend on 'good corporate governance' anymore. Often the boards and management are so deep into each other, there is no way to separate them, even if the corporation goes down.

And the problem is that Boeing hands out enough money to enough people (South Carolina is a major GOP state) that they will likely come, on bended knee, asking for a government 'loan', and will very likely get it. And as much as they want. It seems to be 'The New American Way'...
Whether or not people agree with Mr. Clark, he is a huge customer and Boeing better listen.
It is no secret that "the fish rots from the head first" and Boeing better clean up the mess to survive. Quality control issues effect companies with regularity, so it is not unique to Boeing. However, there is always a problem when the "bean-counters" and the Big shareholders pollute the safety and quality. As always in aviation if you don't have safety you don't stay in business. Boeing needs to keep their eye on the ball.
First step...move corporate headquarters back to Seattle. Relocate senior managers to be amongst the engineers not in some ivory tower in Chicago isolated from the real world of plane manufacturing.

Sadly this was all so predictable.
Boeing selling BMWs. Bring More Wrenches
Chris B 3
Both made in South Carolina.

But BMW quality is far higher.

I love the 787. It’s possibly the best long distance jet imho. But you have to be persistently OCD in the manufacturing of its components and systems.

That is clearly not happening right now.


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