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Southwest Airlines places 100 firm orders for Boeing 737 MAX 7

DALLAS — Southwest Airlines announced today the completion of its previously disclosed discussions with The Boeing Company regarding the restructuring of its delivery schedule for MAX aircraft. The Company has completed the multi-year evaluation of the successor aircraft to its Boeing 737-700 model, with the selection of the Boeing 737 MAX 7 aircraft. ( 기타...

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pilotjag 19
Hopefully this is the confidence booster Boeing needs to get more 737 MAX orders from other customers
John D 2
I wonder if there is still a bunch of Max's stored in Renton.
Mostly stored at Moses Lake
John D 1
I wonder why Boeing doesn't sell those planes to airlines like United, SW and American. I wonder if there's a lot of customization that those airlines do not want?
Silent Bob 3
Some of those planes are sold, but airlines have deferred delivery due to the pandemic. Also between the grounding and the pandemic there have been a lot of cancellations. As part of this order SWA converted 70 Max8 firm orders into Max7 firm orders, so there might be a few extra 8s sitting around because of it. At least for a while Boeing kept making planes when they weren't selling any new ones because of supply chain logistics and other economic factors.
ADXbear 5
Wow! Thats a hughhhhhh shot in the arm for Boeing, congrats!
Except the deal was previously announced. It's kinda a nothingball. They can still back out.
Roy Hunte 6
Boeing had to act fast to divert attention away from the A220.
The A220 may be a good airplane, but airlines are not breaking down doors to get them.
That may be true, but the A220 sells itself. The 737 Max? Not so much, at least not these days.

However, Southwest is the world’s largest 737 operator and for them a Max makes far more sense than the A220 due to having a homogeneous fleet with all the advantages that brings during training, operation and maintenance.
Besides the fleet commonality advantage, Southwest probably got better discounts off pro-forma list pricing from Boeing than they could have gotten from Airbus. Boeing needed this order, at any price, more than Airbus did.
Pulling out of this COVID 19 dive requires deals just like this one. It is time to look forward and pull together. Thanks Southwest! It is just like you guys to make a statement like this is!
Not 100 firm orders. 1 firm order for 100 planes.
I'd now feel comfortable in flying on this aircraft, but only in the urn form, MUCH the less so when I served on the B-52D model in the late 1950s.
Franky16 -1
They really had to buy them didn’t they? Not exactly the vote of confidence it is made out to be...

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