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737 MAX made emergency landing at LAX today due to trim issues?

Received a text from a friend on UAL 2694 indicating plane had severe trim issues and had to return to LAX. Now Flightaware flight show current from LAX to LAX. ( More...

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Isn't this a test flight? It's previous flight was when it came out of storage on March 29th.

*Arm chair opinion* - Honestly the graph looks like they had a pretty nominal climb. Not sure what happened when they leveled off at 14,000 re the dip in speed. After they hit 36,000 feet, the speed was consistent and only changed when their direction of flight changed.
mbrews 1
Let’s stick with Facts. The aircraft is Regis N37508, a Boeing 737 MAX 9. It was taken out of storage at Phoenix Goodyear March 29, 2021. From records on Flightaware, it made 2 test flights from LAX airport on Monday April 5. Both of these flights were planned to depart & arrive at LAX. Means there was not a diversion. At this point The poster seems to have nothing more than a rumored text
Rick Hunt 0
Original flight was 1432. Note there are (2) 1432 fights today.
Robert Garvin 1
This cannot be United flight 1432 as flight 1432 successfully arrived at the gate in Orlando at 21:59 EDT (18:59 PDT). This LAX to LAX flight shows a return arrival at LAX at 18:04 PDT. This makes it an impossibility as the flight from LAX to MCO is definitely longer than 55 minutes.
mbrews 0
Bogus link. This Avherald article you cite is about N69847 out of Denver. A B739. Both you and the original poster can’t seem to find any Facts. See the facts above, about test flights at LAX for N37508 recently taken out of storage
Calm down, buddy. I would have deleted my comment if I could, hence my comment below.
Oh no I sent the wrong link. Not Hydraulic


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