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United 777-200ER takeoff video at Newark

Newark to San Juan Puerto Rico with a nice sound from GE90 engines ( 기타...

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music to my ears
Anyone know if the PW4077 are back in service after blade failure a few months ago?
tmdeee 1
One thing I have not noticed until now is how much the wing flexes upward from supporting the weight of the plane as the wheels leave the ground.
Remind me to never go to Newark (no offense Newarkians)! Guess I will hear about it for that comment but it appears dismal and brown. Oh well we can't all have been born in the sunshine state. Thank you for the video.
That was awesome. I grew up in Jersey City, NJ, so Newark was my 'home' airport. I miss it!
Not enough motors.

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The more you complain, the more you find to complain about.
Oh let him complain. He is just looking for attention LOL


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