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Tokyo Passengers Trigger U.S. Airport Detectors

Two flights that originated in Tokyo and landed in Dallas and Chicago yesterday triggered radiation detectors when passengers passed through customs, The Post has learned. Tests on the jet that landed at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport showed low levels of radiation on the travelers' luggage and inside the cabin's filtration system. No passengers were quarantined. Details about the incident at O'Hare Airport in Chicago were not immediately clear. Locally, the Port Authority was… ( 기타...

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I may be wrong, but this doesn't seem like a big deal. When Chernobyl had a meltdown radiation detectors in Sweden were going off when power plant employees checked in. It would be alarming if all the were straight from Tokyo.
Traces of radiation on luggage and the air filtration system (what we breathe!)? That is scary, and radiation exposure can increase cancer risks, according to what I am watching on Fox News right now. The symptoms are scary. Look at how many people travel worldwide... This is very tragic indeed.
I wonder whether these were "routine" screening devices, or ones specifically set up to screen arriving NRT PAX & luggage. If routine, I wonder how often they detect "something".
I personally am more concerned about the number of middle- and far-eastern passengers who are flying on airliners throughout the country carrying tuberculosis..
And to think, once upon a time we were all freaking out about bird flu... I don't rely on anything Fox News says. They instigate a united states of terror campaign. Truth be told you really DONT want to know about all the things floating around in the air on the planes and in the terminals. I wouldn't doubt those detectors were set up specifically for sniffing anything coming from Japan.
The Japanese government is not telling us the full story. Lets hope all transit flights are diverted around this discharge.
The "true story" is never divulged. The media and the government are fearful of a massive panic attack that will hurt the airlines, the airport stores, the van drivers, the hotels, the Japanese manufactured items (including tiny microchips). Code orange??? I say Code Red for me and my beloved.
Stay inside! Don't travel! Be scared, very scared!
@Amy: Don't watch Fox News. They are always Republican, racist and the only time you can trust their coverage is when something non-terrorist happens in the US (like an earthquake on the west coast)
Chris: Spoken like a true far-left-winger liberal. Go back to your MSNBC, CNN and pick your own newspaper/magazine/blog... Come on! What does this have to do with anything Fox? Even the Weather Channel is reporting on this massive incident.
Fox is an entertainment channel


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