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United Airlines Bets Big On Its Boeing 767 And 777 Fleets

United Airlines has held its widebody fleet sacred throughout the crisis. The carrier bucked trends by keeping its fleet intact and prepared to bring those planes out in a robust manner as the crisis subsided and passengers came back. Then, in February, the airline took a hit when a Boeing 777 suffered an engine incident over Denver, which later led to the temporary grounding of 52 Pratt & Whitney-powered Boeing 777s. To compensate, the airline brought back more 767s, and now, it continues… ( 기타...

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Delta and American have decided to phase out ancient 767 and 777 fleets. By contrast, United goes cheap, retrofits wide body interiors & keeps operating the long-out-of production Pratt 4000 engine series.

IMHO, this resembles the Allegiant business model of flying obsolete MD 80s...
It also raises the profit margin at the same time... Fly nice planes for less money! Keep up good maintenance and you are just as good as a new bird, and look what they are doing with the CRJ-550 which has turned out to be a very reliable plane and very good service. Sometimes new is not better! I think they have a good plan that is working well
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Yes it does raise the profit margin. But the infrastructure at Pratt (personnel, tooling, titanium fan blade suppliers) has Completely disappeared. If the FAA has grown a spine, they will investigate and de-certify the Pratt powered variant of B777.


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