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Israel Aviation Workers Protest by Physically Blocking Aircraft

Aviation and airline industry workers in Israel protest COVID-19 restrictions affecting their jobs. ( More...

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sparkie624 2
LOL.. Nothing new here... I remember years ago when it was time for Contract Negations (Union), when we would leave in the morning after a successful "Safety Campaign, there would be at least 2 planes on Jacks without tires or brakes blocking in several other good planes in the hangar!... It is a tactic that works!
Robert Cowling 1
Fly living passengers, or fly dead corpses. Is there a choice?
mary susan watkins 0
the pictures show people protesting a covid vaccination,yet wearing they NOT understand why the masks are required,along WITH covid shots? israel was bringing down the cases to an all time low until the delta variant, then they started requiring a third vaccination..dont these people understand?
Robert Cowling 1


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