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Breaking: Qantas To Recall Five Airbus A380s In Mid-2022

A bullish Qantas is recalling five A380s as soon as July 2022. The airline made the announcement on Thursday morning (Sydney time). At the same time, Qantas is eyeing gradually resuming international flights as soon as December ( 기타...

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greg mu 1
I saw a Singapore Air A380 leave Alice Springs for Sydney a few weeks ago...
ADXbear 1
Good news.. now can we save some B747s?
Too late, those that haven't gone to be converted to freighters, are being used as parts donors.
arlys 1
So much for keeping Wunulla for the RFS. She would have saved many lives, and given 747 crews some enjoyable flying. As a RFS member, we are desperate for a heavy water bomber, so we don’t repeat the last holocaust. The Engineers said it could be done, they are used in the States, but I guess it was just all to hard.


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