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American Airlines and GOL to Form an Exclusive Partnership That Will Create Best Network and Loyalty Program Across the Americas

Carriers have entered into an exclusive codeshare agreement that will deepen their partnership and strengthen the largest network between the U.S. and Brazil. American’s AAdvantage and GOL’s SMILES loyalty programs will create the largest joint frequent flyer program in the Americas with enhanced benefits coming in 2022. Increased commercial cooperation will drive sustainable growth, including more flights to more destinations for both airlines. FORT WORTH, Texas — Today, American Airlines… ( More...

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Matt West 1
Having flown with American a lot, I would think they would be spending more time trying to fix themselves first. They can barely handle their PAX loads as is, let alone add more.

I'm not sure what passengers from GOL are expecting in terms of service from AAL, but I think they're in for an unfortunate surprise.


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