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Feds to indict ex-Boeing test pilot over 737 Max crashes

Why is the CEO not joining him? As usual, they've made the pilot a scapegoat. ( More...

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Clearly he felt he was under pressure from upper management. Would not have happened back in 1963 when the company was flight testing the radical (for the time) B727 and their engineers rightly held sway.
Roy Hunte 13
Dennis Muilenberg should be included in the the indictment.
Anthony Dennis 10
don't forget the Board of Directors, the CFO, the money managers and all the stockholders. Everyone of them played a role in profits over safety.
Could you show your math please? The profits over safety slogan doesn't add up.
Yeah, he covered up fatal flaws then took a job flying the exact same airplane for southwest after development ended. Makes total sense.

This is so messed up.
You are missing the point. While the test pilot is somewhat culpable and could be held responsible, he only acted in his capacity as an employee. To indict just him and no one else that was responsible at the corporate board level, sends the message that executives are free to do anything it takes to return shareholder returns. Even if that means people die. The facts are pretty clear, software was installed that relied on one sensor and was never disclosed to the operators or pilots. The FAA handed Boeing self regulating powers and they abused them.
Steve Cutchen 1
Mark Forkner 6:50 PM:
Oh shocker alerT!
MCAS is now active down to M .2
It's running rampant in the sim on me
at least that's what Vince thinks is happening

Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:51 PM:
Oh great, that means we have to update the speed trim descritption in vol 2

Mark Forkner 6:51 PM:
so I basically lied to the regulators (unknowingly)

Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:51 PM:
it wasnt a lie, no one told us that was the case

Mark Forkner 6:51 PM:
I'm levelling off at like 4000 ft, 230 knots and the plane is trimming itself like craxy
I'm like, WHAT?

Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:52 PM:
that's what i saw on sim one, but on approach
I think thats wrong

Mark Forkner 6:52 PM:
granted, I suck at flying, but even this was egregious

Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:52 PM:
No, i think we need aero to confirm what its supposed to be doing

Mark Forkner 6:53 PM:
Vince is going to get me some spreadsheet table that shows when it's supposed to kick in.
why are we just now hearing about this?

Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:53 PM:
I don't know, the test pilots have kept us out of the loop
It's really only christine that is trying to work with us, but she has been too busy

Mark Forkner 6:54 PM:
they're all so damn busy, and getting pressure from the program

Gustavsson, Patrik H 6:54 PM:
That is true, I wouldnt want to be them
Ok, its time to log off

Mark Forkner 6:55 PM:
ok later man
Alan Cordery 1
Regulators have been taken over by corporate interests aided by corrupt congressmen.


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