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AirTran Stockholders Approve Southwest Merger

AirTran Holdings, Inc. the parent company of AirTran Airways, announced on Wednesday that its stockholders voted overwhelmingly to approve the merger of a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southwest Airlines Co. with and into AirTran at a special meeting held in Orlando. More than 98.6 percent of the votes cast and 77.5 percent of shares outstanding were ( 기타...

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more flights to more cities good merger airtran-southwest
I'll be curious to see how this affects KCAK (Akron-Canton Airport). AirTran has been far and away the main carrier here. Southwest flies into KCLE, 35 miles to the north. I'm guessing (without knowing, I admit) that they will abandon KCLE and focus on CAK, with its lighter traffic, cheaper landing fees, and the dominant presence that the new airline would have there. This could be great for CAK, as it would undoubtedly open up more direct flights.
It would be nice for CAK, as long as they quit jacking up their landing fees, which is why other airlines (like CO) have left.
I wasn't aware that CO ever served CAK. How long ago was this? With their Cleveland hub so close, I had assumed that they ignored CAK as a token of solidarity with rival KCLE or for "regional convenience" reasons. It will be interesting to see if United Express(ExpressJet) continues to serve CAK once that merger is complete and the flight routes/schedules are combined & reorganized.
CO stopped serving CAK in early 2008. It was just a couple of RJ flights from EWR.
This just all goes to show that Herb K had a good idea way back yonder. Makes you wonder why that other Airlines haven't adopted some of his basic practices, like kissing the roll marks on touchdowns and getting the 1st turnout and to a gate. I still remember TWA pilots drifting in to about runway center at Lambert and taking forever to get into the gate, then crying as they eventually wound up out of a job
Will we be seeing the 717s down here in KCRP? We could use the 100 seater to help WN with frequency. WN has been doing quite well down here but only 5 flights a day (weekdays). Plus it would be nice to see something other than 737s and RJs down here.
john with southwest they use 737's and you will probably see more
Mark, I think he was asking if the new Southwest will serve KCRP with the "old" AirTran 717s, which aren't very old at all. It certainly would be nice for WN's smaller ports to have the 712s to supplement their 735s. I would imagine that the 717 is more fuel efficient than a 735, with a similar (albeit slightly lower) seating capacity....not to mention fewer middle seats! :) Anyone have the fuel figures handy?


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