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Boeing Buys Two Million Gallons of Sustainable Aviation Fuel for its Commercial Operations

- EPIC Fuels to supply fuel blend with SAF component made from inedible agricultural waste for production, test, Dreamlifter and delivery flights The purchase will enable broader use of SAF for Boeing commercial production, test, ferry, Dreamlifter and customer flights at facilities in Everett, Renton and Seattle in Washington state and North Charleston, South Carolina. ( 기타...

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An earlier Squawk had a vastly overstated headline < Boeing buying two billion gallons of SAF >.

According to Boeing, the purchase is for two MILLION gallons SAF for its commercial operations, NOT two billion.

Note - on a typical 2-hour flight, a Boeing 737-800 would consume 833 gallons per hour, or 1666 gallons for the 2-hour flight.

There might be 4 such test / ferry flights for a shiny new Boeing 737.
Lets stipulate the plane undergoes four 2-hour flights, requiring 6664 gallons for a 737 test and ferry program

Dividing 2 million gallons by 6664 gallons for each aircraft results in the number 300 aircraft.

Meaning that about 300 narrow-body aircraft could be test-flown using the contracted volume of SAF.


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