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Airline CEOs urge President Biden to end mask mandate, testing requirements

The CEOs of 10 airlines and cargo carriers have signed a letter to President Joe Biden saying he should end the transportation mask mandate and testing requirements for international travelers. ( More...

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Alan Dahl 2
I can't speak for anyone else but personally I'm just fine with keeping the mandate for now until we know if we are out of the woods or not. If in another month or two rates are still low then sure, go ahead. But I've lost too many friends over the last two years to be in a rush and if I've learned anything over that time it's patience.
k1121j 5
Yes please do this. The the flight attendants can go back to treating passengers like customers and not cattle. No more excuses for them. Annnnd those stupid people who cant follow rules not more complaining to worry about. its a win win.
JJ Johnson 4
Face Diapers were for control freaks and Democrats and virtue signaling dweebs. When I see a person now wearing a face mask alone in a car or outside, I instantly know they are mentally ill. I steer clear.
Gary Fonternel -1
Bang. Nail on the head comment right there!
Well said.
Billy Koskie 3
It's about time!!
Or they could just grow a backbone and stop enforcing these stupid mandates
zamoragr 0
Profit over people, as always
George Dinius 2
So, it’s not people in the passenger area? Tell us more.
Brian James -6
A new wave of Covid has just hit Hong Kong. The mandate only lasts until April 18. One more month isn't going to hurt the airlines or the traveling public.
And face nappies never stopped the spread of anything.
Talbert Reese 0
And you know this how...let me guess, your boy donald trump told you. I think they suck also, but as the OP said, one more month aint' gonna hurt. If we have a major outbreak again then we'll be back to square one.
Those of us who follow media other than Fake News leftist liberal media all know this.
Michael Dendo 0
Just ignore anything this moronic administration does. They will never let us out of masks so do it and just ignore them like they do the American people.


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